This is the end of a chapter. The last episode, of this podcast, to date. If you would like to follow the exploits of your intrepid host, Nic Antoine, head on over to “molteno“. The show about art, culture, cuisine and all things: in-between. Thank you, so, so much, for listening to this show. Advertisements

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The second issue. The personification, of Discord, is brought into the picture and compared with its’ Ancient equivalency. The Men’s Rights Movement is lightly touched upon and the Women’s Rights Movement is described, from the male perspective, for the purposes of context and comparison. And, as one would expect, the conclusions drawn are sans an […]

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the visitation

The first issue. A matrimonial triumvirate informs the birth of the greatest super-heroine in modern history. Feminism is defended by, simultaneously, a representative of the opposite gender and an inquisitor of the “Men’s Rights Movement”. And Singaporean skyscrapers, as it turns out, reveal themselves to be a highly sought after retreat for Grecian dieties. Wonder […]

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